Our Mission


Road to Home’s mission is to focus on animals in need and to provide support to local rescues and shelters. We are a 501(c)(3) and 100% non-profit. Every penny that we raise goes directly towards animals in need.

As a nonprofit organization, we are comprised entirely of volunteers who dedicate themselves to being a voice for the voiceless. We will never turn our backs on an animal in need. Our goal is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome the dogs and cats who need us most.

Since 2013 when Road to Home Rescue Support was started, we have helped rescue and rehome over 1000 dogs and cats. We have a thorough application process that ensures all of our animals go to safe, loving forever homes with the families they were always meant to have.

We cannot do what we do without your help and support. Please consider contributing to our fight to save lives by donating, volunteering, fostering, adopting, or networking our pets. Together, we can make a difference!

Who We Are

Road to Home Rescue was started by Elyse Giurco in 2013 to help animals find their road to home. After years of working with local shelters and rescues, they decide to start their own rescue, which, since, has helped rescue and rehome over 1000 dogs and cats!

Our organization is made up entirely of dedicated volunteers, who never fail to do anything and everything for animals in need.

What We Do

The mission of RTHRS Inc. Is to focus on animals in need and combine our efforts and experience with other rescue organizations, with a special emphasis on assisting those animals that are often overlooked by other rescue groups. This enables us to band together for a common goal and to keep the continued focus upon the animals in need. We fight for the old, sick, misunderstood and untouchable, regardless of breed or species.

Our missions is to focus on the following:

  • Providing a safe haven for animals that are typically overlooked by other rescue organizations, such as seniors, those with special needs and/or medical issues and those with behavioral issues that require rehabilitative work and training
  • Providing guidance and support for rehoming an animal
  • Providing help to people in the community whose animals are in need of food or medical attention
  • Providing any necessary medical attention, training, spay/neuter services and food/supplies to homeless animals.
  • Identifying the most “at risk” animals and removing them from a euthanasia list or unsafe situation and subsequently placing them in a foster or permanent home.
  • Working with other rescue groups and shelters to facilitate adoptions by performing home checks, reviewing adoption applications, and networking to find foster or permanent homes for animals in need
  • Working with other groups and shelters to coordinate adoption events, food drives, and fundraisers. Raising money through various fundraising activities to help specific dogs with training, medical needs, food and supplies, boarding and adoption expenses
  • Raising funds that can be allocated to specific needs of other rescue groups and shelters(including medical expenses, training expenses, food and transport) as well as pledging money to animals in jeopardy of euthanasia

Please Help Us

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