Article for December 19, 2017

The Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

If you’re someone who loves your dog more than your shoe collection, football Sundays or some of the people you know, then it’s no surprise you might enjoy gifts that target your love for your pooch. Be sure to add one of these special gift ideas to your holiday wish list for yourself and your canine companion.

Pillows for Dogs and People

Most of our four-legged friends enjoy the creature comforts that their two-legged owners also love.  At the end of a tough day of play, snacking on treats and doing tricks, even young pups need a place to lay their heads. Why not consider a pillow? This purchase is serious business, according to the experts at Think about whether your dog travels, lives in a warm climate and is young or old before requesting a mat, hammock-type or loose-fill bed.  

Now how about a pillow for yourself?  From monogrammed pillows to a custom pet pillow in the shape of your dog, a wide array of selections are available for all types of owners.  

More Gift Ideas

Not sure where to look?  From coffee mugs to tote bags to wall art to sweatshirts to wine glasses, there’s something for every dog lover out there. The Today Show got in on the act this year by posting a list of popular items such as veterinary DNA dog tests, orthopedic dog couches, dog wallpaper and even dog magnets for your refrigerator. If your dog is an active sort, you may want to consider a GPS Pet Tracker that can determine his location and notify you if gets loose.

Just for Dogs

It’s fun to receive gifts aimed at an animal lover, but don’t forget to include gifts for man’s best friend.  The team at offers up a list that includes things like a Woof Washer for the dog who doesn’t like his bath.  This product includes an attachment you can hook up to your garden hose for the dog who prefers a shower.  The site also recommends nose balm.  Just like humans, a dog’s nose can get chapped and need some soothing treatment.

For the pet who prefers his own digs, includes a doggie condo on its list of great gifts this year.  The site also references a treat dispensing camera that allows you to watch your dog when you’re away as well as an interactive ball thrower for those times when you run out of energy and your dog still wants to run, jump and play.  For a few low cost ideas, visit and check out gourmet grain-free dog treats fashioned like Christmas cookies and dog bowl water bottles.

Charitable Gifts

If you and your dog have every item, gift, toy and gadget imaginable, you may want to consider asking folks to make donation in your honor to a nonprofit that helps animals such as a no-kill shelter or to your favorite rescue like Road to Home Rescue Support.  

So whether you’re shopping for your dog or adding to your wish list, here’s hoping whatever falls under the tree this year puts a smile on your face and some extra pep in your pup’s step.

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