We rescued Rufus from the Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter when his owner passed, and he lost the only home that he ever knew. This beautiful boy has had many ups and downs with medical issues which incudes 2 surgeries.  Through all this, Rufus has had such a beautiful spirit. He is doing Amazing with his foster family, which incudes his doggie brother and very best friend.


Nothing will hold this beautiful senior girl down and she is loving life!!  This incredible 11 year old girl has been through so much in her life.  RTHRS rescued her in the nick of time from ACC with kennel cough only to have emergency surgery a few days later. A few months later, she had a partial mastectomy removing 3 tumors. She came through like the champion that she is. Meredith is part of a wonderful family who absolutely adore her.


Bayden wheels

RTHRS pulled Bayden from the Town Of Oyster Bay shelter to find out that he has osteosarcoma and we immediately got him medical attention. After being dumped by his family of 11 years to be euthanized, he sat in the shelter for 5 months...waiting:-(Now he is in our forever foster program with an amazing member of the rescue. We weren't prepared to take another dog into this program but we could not turn our backs on him Although this is an aggressive cancer, today he is cancer free! He had his leg amputated and went through 6 rounds of chemo. He is doing Absolutely Wonderful! This program has enabled us to give Bayden the  chance to live wonderful days in a loving home. This beautiful boy has been let down by so many people but we are committed to ensuring that Bayden gets all that he needs.


ruckus eyes
ruckus snuggle

Ruckus lived his life with a family of 7, spending most of it outside or in a crate at night in the kitchen. He was then going to be brought to the shelter where he would have been euthanized. RTHRS stepped up and put him with a wonderful foster, where he stayed for quite a while. Sadly they were not able to adopt and Ruckus had to move on. This beautiful boy couldn't catch a break and his anxiety started to build. For the past year he has been living with an amazing man. Someone who lives a quiet life, takes Ruckus to the park and lets Ruckus share the couch and watch a good movie. He has been able to offer Ruckus everything that he needed and deserved. The only thing that he needed help with was medical and some necessities for Ruckus. We would never deny Ruckus the home he had always been looking for, so he became a part of our Forever Foster program.