The Dream is Becoming a Reality!

On Tuesday, February 20th at 1PM, Kimberly Strong will be going live from the Building that we have found for our new facility! The plans that we have are amazing. It will be like nothing else you have seen. We already have pledges but will need everyone's support to make this happen!

We must raise the necessary funds in order to house the dogs that are in need of lifesaving help. The dogs who are forgotten by most. The dogs who we will never turn our backs on. Kim works like no other trainer and helps rehabilitate to teach them trust, love and allow them to become dogs. Those who know RTHRS, know that we never give up or walk away from any animal in need. Those of you who know Kim, recognize the amazing and tireless dedication that she has to help the dogs who no one else will.

We have an army behind us with Lainey's Army, all of our amazing supporters and so many who have sent their dogs to Kim knowing that she was the only one who could help. We are planning on building a place where there would be sunlight for all of the dogs, an updated indoor training facility, special rooms for those who might not be able to be adopted out to the general public and so much more! This was already in our future plans, now we just need to make it happen sooner.

We are going to need a commitment to raise the necessary funds in 45 days!

400 people to each raise $500.00
800 people to each raise $250.00
1600 people to each raise $125.00
3400 peole to each raise $75.00
This is not about a dollar and a dream. This is broken down. Based on all of our followers and supporters, its completely doable.

Donate on the link here.

So here we go!! Onward and upward! Many more lives to be saved!!