Moving Day Has Come! We have officially moved into the new facility!! Lots of work to still be done but the progress that has already been made is amazing! Kimberly Strong, her fabulous staff and volunteers from Lainey’s Army have been busting their butts getting it ready for our dogs! RTH North is located on Broad Street in Utica, NY

This is all for the dogs that need lifesaving help. The dogs who are forgotten by most. The dogs who we will never turn our backs on. Kim works like no other trainer and helps rehabilitate to teach them trust, love and allow them to become dogs.
Those who know RTHRS, know that we never give up or walk away from any animal in need. Those of you who know Kim, recognize the amazing and tireless dedication that she has to help the dogs who no one else will.
We now have a bigger and better facility for our dogs.. There will be sunlight for all of the dogs, music throughout the facility, indoor training facility, tons of outdoor space for the dogs to run and train, tons of volunteers… Together we can make their lives amazing.
We want to thank everyone who has donated and helped throughout this very difficult transition. We need your help now more than ever!

Everyone can do something.
Donate any amount that you can. We are in desperate need of help to pay for a for our furnace and air conditioner. Every dollar makes a difference. Paypal or Mail a check made out to Road to Home Rescue Support PO Box 7403 Wantagh NY 11793 Donations are tax deductible!
Please consider donating a kennel for a dog while they wait. Big Thanks to all the wonderful people who have already sponsored a kennel.
We ask our other supporters to please consider donating one for another of our dogs who are waiting for a home to call their own. How about helping out another Long Island
Dog named Fred Zeppoll 🐾
While he continues to wait, consider sponsoring a brand new kennel for him. And keep sharing His story until we get him home!
or outdoor Kennel
Everyone can do something..
Donate any amount that you can. Every dollar makes a difference. Paypal
Purchase something form our Wish List:
It is all important…and it all matters..