Moving Day Has Come!

Please help us to continue raising the much needed funds in making this wonderful dream a reality! We want to thank all of the amazing people who have donated so far and ask that you please continue to share and donate. We can not do this without your support!

There is still much work to be done and money to be raised. 

Our goal is to move all items into the building this weekend and next weekend we will move the dogs. 

This weekend we will work on getting the outside cleaned up and the brush cut back. Anyone local with clippers, chain saws, heavy duty rakes, wheelbarrows and time are needed. Early next week the floor will be sealed and the kennels will be set up in the evenings.


We still NEED Sponsors for KENNELS, both indoor and outdoor. We will put up a plaque with either your name or in memory/honor of someone.…/stephens-pipe-steel-dog-ken…

You can order directly (shipped the to Utica store), or get tractor supply gift cards, or donate in the following ways:

The indoor Kennels will be a sponsorship of $375.00, which can be sent via paypal to Please note what name you would like on the kennel.


Everyone can do something.

  • Donate any amount that you can. Every dollar makes a difference.
  • Ask others to give
  • Donate time
  • Donate equipment.
  • Donate drinks, snacks, food for volunteers.
  • Be a runner for store trips
  • Share the information with others

It is all important...and it all matters..

This is all for the dogs that need lifesaving help. The dogs who are forgotten by most. The dogs who we will never turn our backs on. Kim works like no other trainer and helps rehabilitate to teach them trust, love and allow them to become dogs. Those who know RTHRS, know that we never give up or walk away from any animal in need. Those of you who know Kim, recognize the amazing and tireless dedication that she has to help the dogs who no one else will.

A bigger better facility for our dogs is well within reach!. There will be sunlight for all of the dogs, music throughout the facility, indoor training facility, tons of outdoor space for the dogs to run and train, and tons of volunteers. Together we can make their lives amazing.