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Road to Home Rescue Support
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Bayshore, New York:

Broken home,
Broken promises,
Broken heart 💔💔💔

Melo had a family. Mom, Dad and two brothers.
Sadly, that has changed. Mom and the kids moved to Florida and dad cannot care for Melo.

Melo is 4 years old. He grew up with kids and likes other dogs. He is the full package and deserves a great home with someone who can give him unconditional love. He must be out of the home by 12/31 as his owner cannot take him when he moves. The clock is ticking for Melo and we don't want him to end up in a shelter.

Melo is not yet neutered. His owner will be taking him to the vet to update vaccines next week.

Please email Road to Home Rescue Support to adopt Melo....

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Road to Home Rescue Support
Road to Home Rescue Support1 day ago
Bad news for Oliver 😢
But a TERRIFIC new way to help him.
Keep readin'....⬇️⬇️⬇️

Oliver is at the specialty veterinarian's office, but was unable to undergo the planned CT scan and surgery today. He has been experiencing severe diarrhea and will stay overnight at the specialty clinic to receive fluids.

We hope Oliver can have surgery tomorrow so he can be relieved of this chronic pain.

We must have all the funds raised by the time Oliver leaves the hospital. The specialty office has been very fair considering the vet was willing to perform Oliver's surgery knowing that all the funds have still not been raised. But we MUST raise the funds before he goes home.

‼️What could possibly be the good news⁉️
Staffworks “SAVE A LIFE” campaign has offered to match funds raised for Road to Home Rescue, up to $10,000 between now and 12/31.

Donate for the pets under Road to Home Rescue Support and have that gift matched dollar-for-dollar through December 31! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

To double the impact of your gift, please visit and select ROAD TO HOME RESCUE SUPPORT. You will be giving Oliver a gift that will be life changing.❤️❤️❤️

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Road to Home Rescue Support
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Road to Home Rescue Support
Road to Home Rescue Support updated their cover photo.1 day ago
Road to Home Rescue Support
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Remember Milo who was on deaths door when we found him in the most deplorable of conditions in the Valley? For those who have been following his story, you will know what a long way he has already come at his wonderful foster home.

He is on his way to our rescue partners house, where he will stay while we have the rest of his medical taken care of at a specialty center.

He spent a few days having a relaxing at a sleepover with Melissa, his awesome transporter. Check him out being a bed hog 🙂 Milo is a special boy, who will be looking for his Forever Home very soon. Please stay tuned for updates at Road to Home Rescue Support and consider donating toward his care.

Please paypal or mail a check to Road to home Rescue Support PO Box 7403 Wantagh NY 11793 and say its for Milo.
We can only continue to save other like Milo with your support ❤️
Road to Home Rescue Support
Road to Home Rescue Support3 days ago
⏰⏰⏰ Time is of the essence! The surgeon can operate on Oliver's infected, damaged, painful ears this Wednesday if we can collect the funds. He only needs $1,998 more of the cost and his life will change. Please donate and share to help Oliver have the surgery he so desperately needs!!!⏰⏰

Oliver lives in chronic, debilitating pain due to years of neglect. He needs surgery, and a surgeon can operate this Weds, but we NEED the Funds!

When Road to Home Rescue Support took Oliver into our rescue, we saw first hand, the abuse and neglect he experienced. He was underweight, malnourished, had chronic diarreah and parasites that may have been untreated for years. His ears were so badly infected for so long that he no longer has a membrane in either ear. Antibiotics, cleanings and other methods continue to fail because he needs to undergo an ear canal ablation that will finally limit the possibility for infection to exist. Therefore, Oliver will finally know what it's like to be free of physical pain.

We have raised part of the cost for this life changing surgery. The surgeon can operate this Wednesday but $1,998 must still be raised! Please, help us to give this gift to Oliver.
Donate any amount through PayPal:

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