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Road to Home Rescue Support
Road to Home Rescue Support4 days ago
Can anyone relate? 😁
Road to Home Rescue Support
Road to Home Rescue Support5 days ago
Road to Home Rescue Support Welcomes Millie 💖
We were hoping not to have to move Millie until she went to her Forever Home but received a message this weekend that Millie needed to be out. Her mom moved into the nursing home on Saturday and the family was not able to keep her. It is always so heartbreaking , especially when a senior loses their home. Millie is just the sweetest, most gentle girl. Millie spent her first 10 plus years in a puppy mill and now lost the only home she ever knew. She was clearly nervous but is now settling in with her foster mom and Maggie (her doggie sibling). Maggie was very welcoming and will definitely be good for Millie.
Millie will do great in a laid back home, preferably with someone who could spend a lot of time with her. Another gentle dog would be a plus. I'm sure that she would also be fine with an easy going cat 🙂 email for an application or fill out on the link here:
Anyone who welcomes Millie into their home, will be very very lucky. Opening your heart to a senior is such an amazing gift that you can give to yourself as well as them. 💞
We have already paid for Millie's initial medical and have her scheduled for a dental in 10 days. Millie will be having all of her remaining teeth extracted as she has very severe dental disease. RTH has taken on a tremendous amount of medical expenses over the past 6 months and any help would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate toward Millie's medical care, pelase call Nassau Suffolk Animal Hospital 516- 694 5930 and and advise that you are making a donation under Road To Home or paypal (as friends to avoid fess) or venmo RoadToHomeRescue All doantions are tax deductible.
Please stay tuned for updates on this special girl!
Meet Millie, The Sweet Senior Who Is Losing Her Home 💔 RTHRS was contacted to help Millie as she will be losing the only home she has ever known. This sweet girl lived the first 10 plus years of her life in a crate in a puppy mill. She then came to North Shore animal league and was adopted out from there. 4 years later and Millie's mom now has to go into a nursing home. There is no one in the family who will keep her so we need to find her a new beginning! I had the pleasure of meeting this adorable little lady yesterday. I took her to our vet so we could get a full senior bloodwork panel and a thorough exam done. She was a prefect angel with the doctor. Millie has a strong heart and her bloodwork came back very good. We are just waiting on her urinalysis results. She has approximately 7 teeth left and all are severely decayed. Now that her bloodwork came back , we have booked her for a dental appointment in 2 weeks. All of her teeth will most likely have to be pulled. We have taken on a lot of medical expenses over the last few months but knew that Millie needed our help. We are looking for the perfect Forever for Millie. She has not had the best life but we can make her remaining years wonderful! She is between 14 and 16 years old and is just a love. She never learned to walk on leash but this 9 pound girl can be carried everywhere. She is fine with other dogs, cats are unknown(but can't imagine any issues). A quiet home where Millie can spend her days would be ideal. She makes the perfect lap dog! Opening your heart to a senior is such an amazing gift that you can give to yourself as well as them. NY/NJ/CT If you are ready to open your heart to Millie, please email or message me. Located- Valley Stream, NY If you can help with Milles medical expenses, please paypal or venmo us at RoadToHomeRescueSupport. Every dollar makes a difference and all donations are tax deductible! 🐾 You can also call in a payment o our vet Nassau Suffolk Animal Hospital 516 694 5930. Please let us know if you will be calling so we can advise them. Thanks so much for your support!
Road to Home Rescue Support
Road to Home Rescue Support5 days ago
PLEASE Consider Becoming a Monthly Sponsor in our Forever Foster program. The holidays are over but you can still give a gift that keeps on giving! For $10.00 per month($2.50 per week), you can help make such a difference in the lives of dogs like Bayden 💖

Our Forever Foster Program is an amazing program, but also a costly one. With medical bills piling up due to many recent surgeries, chemo treatments and testing, we are asking for your help. The New Year has arrived and our bills are still climbing.
Please consider doing something great for a senior dog in need. If you can, please make a one time donation to one of our Forever Foster dogs. Or, give a gift that keeps on giving-- you can sponsor one of our Forever Foster dogs by making a recurring monthly donation. You can do so by clicking this link and selecting "recurring donation" at checkout
Please send as family and friends to avoid fees:
Or make a one time donation on this post.

No amount is too small. When it comes to rescue, a little bit truly does go a long way. If every person gave just a little bit, then the dogs and cats in our care would have a whole lot. So please, consider giving the gift of hope to an animal in need. Please sponsor one of our senior dogs this year so that we can continue to keep this program going.

As always, we are incredibly thankful for your generosity and continued support. We are so grateful to our current monthly sponsors ❤️
Road to Home Rescue Support
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Road to Home Rescue Support
Road to Home Rescue Support2 weeks ago
UPDATE 1/05/21: Nicky is doing fantastic! He has a new found pep in his step and is eating like a champ once again. We took him to the oncologist today for his first chemo treatment and he came out trotting, went to Starbucks to get a small puppachino and then home to his bully stick! He is scheduled for 4 more treatments, 3 weeks apart. His mom is so grateful for all for the help with Nicky. RTHRS runs solely on donations and needs your support to continue helping Nicky and others in need.
His chemo cost ,for all 5 treatments, will be $3800.00 after our rescue discount. Please consider donating any amount to help Nicky. We have not yet reached our goal for his initial surgery costs. Every dollar makes a great difference. Please donate through his gofund me , via PayPal(as friends to avoid fees), venmo RoadToHomeRescueSupport or by check Road To Home Rescue Support PO Box 7403 Wantagh NY 11793
Thank you for your continued support 💕

See below for Nicky's original postings: 🐾


Update: 12/22 Nicky went for his 2 week follow up today and Dr. Carver is Thrilled! He looks great, has energy, his appetite is back to where it used to be and he is trotting like a puppy! Nicky has an appointment with Dr. Brodsky next week to discuss his chemo plan and we will update at that time. This beautiful senior has a new lease on life 💞 What an Amazing Holiday gift for Liz and Mikey!!
Please consider making a donation toward his medical care. We still have a long way to reach the goal to cover his surgery and testing costs. We couldn't do any of this without your support 🐾
UPDATE 12/15 PLEASE consider donating to hep with Nicky's medical expenses 💞 Nicky's recovery is going well and he is getting stronger each day. We received amazing news from Dr. Carver. Nicky's spleen and liver biopsies both came back negative! His anal tumor was malignant but they removed it all in surgery. Although this is not curable, it's very treatable. Nicky has his follow up on December 22 and will be meeting with the oncologist as well. Please consider donating any amount to help us cover the costs. Liz is beyond grateful to have her boy back home with her and Mikey! We will continue to help with Nicky's medical expenses and appreciate your support. We run on donations and every dollar makes a world of difference! Please donate on his go fund me below:
UPDATE: I am so happy to report that Nicky is home from the hospital and settling in with mom and Mikey! They are so happy to have him back with them! He will need to continue to get a lot of rest but will get stronger every day. We are all so thankful that this beautiful boy made it through surgery and the first few nights, which are critical. Please keep your prayers coming for Nicky throughout his recovery. His brother Mikey is not letting him out of his sight now that Nicky is back home. Please consider donating toward Nicky's medical expenses. We have a way to go to reach our goal. Every dollar makes such a difference. Thank you to everyone from Liz ,Nicky, Mikey and RTHRS!
I am asking for URGENT help for one of my dear friends and fellow animal advocates. Liz Fox goes above and beyond for animals in need and now needs our help for one of her own dogs. Nicky is Liz's senior boy who she adopted from North Shore animal league. Nicky became a service dog and has been an incredible emotional support for Liz who suffers from PTSD. Nicky brings joy to everyone he meets and even accompanied RTH to help teach humane education to children. Liz later adopted another dog from RTH, named Mikey, and he and Nicky have become best friends over the past 5 plus years. Liz had purchased a medical plan for both dogs and they always went for bi yearly visits, which included bloodwork and anything else that was needed. Unfortunately, times became hard for many and Liz could no longer afford to keep the medical plan in place. Nicky went to our vet last week for routine senior bloodwork and they found an anal mass while doing a rectal exam. We had them do a chest x-ray, which showed nothing in his lungs or chest. We then had an ultrasound down, which showed a 2 1/2 cm nodule on the spleen. We do not know if it is malignant, but there was great risk of it it bursting and causing internal bleeding. Nicky was then seen by Dr. Carver at VMCLI for a consult. After a lot of discussion, and thought, it was decided that Nicky should have surgery to remove the anal tumor as well as remove his spleen. It was recommended getting this done ASAP, so Nicky had surgery yesterday. Thankfully, he made it through the 1 1/2 hour surgery without any complications and is starting on his recovery while staying at the 24 hour hospital for a few days. Please consider donating just a few dollars to help this beautiful boy. RTH has already paid $1400.00 and the remaining surgery costs are over $6000.00. If everyone of our followers donated $5.00, we could cover the cost of Nicky's medical expenses as well as any future care. Liz never asks anyone for anything but is the first to give. Nicky means the world to her and she is beyond heartbroken. I know that times are hard for many... but if we all just gave a little, what a difference it would make.
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P.O. Box 7403, Wantagh NY 11793
Road to Home Rescue Support
Road to Home Rescue Support2 weeks ago
Transport Help Needed For Friday morning 1/08 🐾

Scranton, PA To Rochester NY. We will cover gas and tolls. 3 hours 20 minutes.

If you can assist, please message us here. Time is of the essence 🐾

Road to Home Rescue Support