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Road to Home Rescue Support
Road to Home Rescue Support10 hours ago
Laurelton, Queens, NY

Meet 3 year old Taj. His owner will be dropping him off to NYC ACC Friday morning unless someone can take him in. If you don't know anything about NYC ACC- know that he will be at risk of being euthanized for no reason but overpopulation.

The reason that his owner cannot keep him is that he got a new job which will not allow him to care for Taj. We do not judge here- we work hard for the animal, please do not bash his owner on the thread.

Taj's owner said that he's good with kids, even young children. He is also good with dogs.

Can you take Taj in? Can you share this post?
He's such a cute little boy and we don't want to see him homeless, or worse.

To inquire about Taj, please email:

Please share 💔
Road to Home Rescue Support
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💕 Happy endings: What Road to Home Rescue is all about 💕

Many of you will remember Mocha and Hazel, who we took in after the senior girls were dumped at the town shelter late last year. Mocha was limping badly and Hazel had sores from what seemed to be years of neglect.

Road to Home Rescue Support found them a foster home and made sure they received the medical care they so desperately needed. Then, the girls found their forever home - where they will never be neglected again.

We are happy to receive updates from Mocha and Hazel's new mom that they are thriving and loving life in their new home. They have two doggie brothers and this pack of four could not be loved any more!
Road to Home Rescue Support
Road to Home Rescue Support2 days ago

Imagine living in a shelter.
22 hours per day you sit there.
And wait.
And wait.

And wait...

For someone to come along and see that you're lovable ENOUGH that they will take you home.

That's Pupster's life. And the thing is that the volunteers and the staff at the shelter already KNOW he is more than lovable. He is amazing, fun loving, goofy and cuddly. He's everything you could ever want. Yet, he still sits there and waits.

Pupster is 5 years old. He LOVES other dogs and can live with older kids.

Please visit him and see what we are talking about. You will fall in love. ❤️
TOH shelter
3320 Beltagh Avenue
Wantagh NY 11793

Road to Home Rescue Support
Road to Home Rescue Support2 days ago
Time is ticking for this sweetheart who is GREAT with dogs AND kids!!!! Please share!!!⏰⏰⏰

As you know, 3 year old Molly never had a great life. Her owner gave us 48 hours to find her a home or she would be in a kill shelter or euthanized. Our followers begged us to save her. So we worked our butts off and found her a temporary foster home. SHE NOW ONLY HAS 5 DAYS LEFT IN HER FOSTER HOME AND THEN NOWHERE TO GO!!!!

Can you step up for Molly? She needs you. She needs US!!!

Please email Road to Home Rescue:

Road to Home Rescue Support
Road to Home Rescue Support3 days ago
💔 Please SHARE if you care 💔

Diamond is a 9 year old sweetheart who lives at the shelter. It is so sad that a senior girl has to spend her days, and nights, in a kennel.

Diamond had a family for her entire life until they could not take care of her anymore. So, off to the shelter she went. And we cannot let her stay there!!!

Diamond must be the only pet in a home and she can live with older children. Diamond knows some commands and is such a joy to be with. She is a great age because she is playful and fun yet she loves to relax, cuddle up and snuggle 💕

To apply for Diamond please email:

Or stop by and meet her at the
TOH shelter
3320 Beltagh Avenue
Wantagh, NY 11793
Road to Home Rescue Support
Road to Home Rescue Support3 days ago
CHAMP is approx 4 mos of pure cuteness. Found limping by a woman who feeds a feral colony,. Vet discovered he had been attacked by a raccoon and his leg was broken. Karoline Gorman took him in and nursed him back to health!

We thought the leg would have to be amputated but kittens have some miraculous healing power and he now has full use of the leg. As he grows, it may be shorter than the rest, bit that doesn't slow him down!

He is good with all. Champ is a active kitten who loves to run and jump. An active cat or tolerant dogs is preferable. Very playful, but also very lovey.

Located -Patchogue, NY

To adopt: or fill out application on our website Arrow down to fillable application and submit.