Tyson was the sweetest senior who ended up in a kill shelter after he was dropped off there by his family of 10 years.  He lay there for 2 weeks while we fought to get him out.  We found a perfect family for him, but they couldn’t afford his many medical bills… so the Forever Foster Program was born.  He lived for 3 wonderful years with his amazing mommy, human siblings, and his best doggie brother.  He could not have been loved more!

Toby lost his family in Hurricane Sandy and was scheduled to be killed. We saved him and he had to have immediate surgery, removing dozens of stones from his bladder.  While he was recovering, we found a very special home for him.  He spent his last years soaking up unending love and attention with a mom who adored him.  Toby also had extended family who spoiled him and even had the love of 3 kitty siblings.  We are thankful that he knew so much love.

Picklefish was so sick that he collapsed on someone’s lawn while he was desperately looking for help. He was brought to the local shelter, from where we were able to get him and bring him immediately to our vet. He had been so severely neglected over the course of his life, that it was so unbearable. A wonderful family stepped up and invited him into their home with open arms, where he had fur siblings, amazing human siblings, a cozy bed, and a LOT of love! He only had a few months in his forever foster home but he left this world knowing that he was truly loved and greatly mattered!

Beautiful Max was headed to the shelter when his family of 9 years was moving out of state and decided that they didn’t want to take him with them. We immediately took Max into our rescue and he went right into his amazing Forever Foster home. They fell in love with Max as soon as he walked in their door. He went on to become the 3rd dog in our Forever Foster program. We knew that Max was finally home and that this is where he belonged. His life was finally filled with all of the love that he had always deserved. This beautiful senior went on to spend his days happy and adored. He loved cuddling up with his doggie brother(Buster), playing out in the yard and having snuggle time on the couch with his loving family. He was a true ambassador for his breed…sweet, affectionate and soulful. . We are so grateful to Max’s family, for giving him a life filled with love, compassion and dignity. He never went a day without knowing how much he mattered. Max brought a smile to everyone who was lucky enough to meet him. Thank you to all those who have followed Max’s journey and donated toward his care over the past years. Without your support, we could not keep this much needed program in existence.