ruckus eyes ruckus snuggle

Ruckus lived his life with a family of 7, spending most of it outside or in a crate at night in the kitchen. He was then going to be brought to the shelter where he would have been euthanized. RTHRS stepped up and put him with a wonderful foster, where he stayed for quite a while. Sadly they were not able to adopt and Ruckus had to move on. This beautiful boy couldn’t catch a break and his anxiety started to build. For the past year he has been living with an amazing man. Someone who lives a quiet life, takes Ruckus to the park and lets Ruckus share the couch and watch a good movie. He has been able to offer Ruckus everything that he needed and deserved. The only thing that he needed help with was medical and some necessities for Ruckus. We would never deny Ruckus the home he had always been looking for, so he became a part of our Forever Foster program.

Melvin and Birdie

melvin and birdie snuggled The place was a town shelter in rural Georgia.  A very sad looking Chow was brought into the shelter as a stray. Obviously neglected and left to fend for himself, Melvin made a very sad walk into the kennel that would then become home. At the same time, Birdie, a black lab whose beauty would still shine through despite her grey muzzle and old bones, was dumped there as well.

One of our rescue partners made a call to Road to Home Rescue explaining that she saw a post about Melvin and that this dog was pulling so harshly on her heart strings. She knew she had to get Melvin out of the shelter. This poor senior boy just could NOT stay there. And if he did, his time would be limited. He would be at the mercy of shelter rules, which included euthanasia for no good reason.

Soon after that phone call, we saw a post about Birdie. A light went off and immediately thought that the two may have somehow been bonded. They were brought into the shelter at the same time. Both were obviously dumped on the side of the road. Birdie and Melvin’s sad eyes both told a story- they were both missing something, or someone.

We hadn’t known they came in together. But, piece by piece the puzzle was put back together. What they were missing- was each other.

Once they saw each other in the lobby of the shelter, it was clear. They had probably spent their lives together. And fate brought them back together. With new life in their eyes and wags in their tails, they happily walked out of the shelter side by side.

This bonded Senior Duo Almost Lost Each other and Their Lives! We could not let this happen. They have been with a wonderful couple who absolutely adores and dotes on them. They also have a small cat rescue and take care of them out of their own pockets. They could not imagine Melvin and Birdie not being with them for the rest of their lives. We knew that they were home but just need to help them with expenses. RTH could not see them being anywhere else so have made them the newest members of our Forever Foster program. We cannot keep this program in existence without the support of monthly sponsors and people who could contribute by sending them items from their wish list.